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Zelaya Construction is here to provide you with a worry free experience with your building process. We will provide the construction permit, client will have to provide detailed construction drawings. We are experienced in both Concrete and Lumber construction including the plumbing, water cisterns and septic systems, driveway grading, pools and maintenance.

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Because each project is site-specific, We have experience with Lumber construction, Custom made Cabinet's, Concrete construction, water cisterns and septic systems and pools...... Take a look of our Construction Project.. .

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What Our Clients are saying about Us

**Manganaros Full Remodel**

We had a major renovation of our home in Roatan.   We highly recommend Roatan Zelaya Construction.   The work demonstrated high quality craftsmanship.   Marvin is incredibly attentive to detail and on-site. He is a problem-solver for unique building challenges. Clemie is detail-oriented and helped work through the financials.   They are both available and responsive on WhatsApp and in person. They are transparent about costs and honest, good people. We enjoyed working with them!  
Mike and Maureen Manganaro

**Mariposas Residential Project**

Isn't our house wonderful!!
Working with Roatan Zelaya construction was a pleasure from the start. Marvin’s commitment and passion for going the extra mile to provide above standard quality and solid workmanship was what made us choose them.
Using our design, Marvin’s extensive local knowledge helped guide us through this entirely remote build. He helped us with getting an architect, local permits, and our electrical hookup with RECO. Through WhatsApp video conferencing, calls and images, we were provided a step by step account of every phase and every decision made. Daily messages and weekly videos made us feel like we truly were at the build site and not thousands of miles away. Building a house remotely is a scary thing! Marvin and Clemie’s constant reassurances, communication and support gave us the utmost confidence that they would get the job done right.
Marvin and Clemie assisted us in the procurement process – everything from ceiling fans to faucets to the kitchen sink. Ordering via US based Amazon and Home Depot and shipping to Roatan was easy even if we were from Canada! Once it was set up, we were able to source everything we wanted for our dream home.
Mid build, I went down to inspect the site and purchase our appliances and furnishings. Everything was going well and as planned – Marvin walked me through the build explaining the impressive structural reinforcements in the foundation and the roof line. Marvin and Clemie then went out of their way to bring me to all of the local hardware and furnishing stores, as well the tile supplier to ensure that our choices were exactly what we wanted.
We set the date March 6th 2023 and Roatan Zelaya Construction delivered ON TIME and IN FULL including the setup of all of our furnishings and appliances as well as our Infinity style pool! We were blown away at how beautiful our dream home was and are so very thankful for all the effort the entire Roatan Zelaya construction team has made.
We highly recommend Roatan Zelaya Construction. They made our dream come true.
Thank You Marvin and Clemie!

**Caribe Point Bight Residencial Project**

My wife and I highly recommend Roatan Zelaya Construction for your dream island home on Roatan. From the first contact to handing over the keys, Marvin and Clemie were professional and accommodating. Marvin and Clemie work closely with their clients - they make suggestions based on their extensive knowledge of building on Roatan, including permits, materials and all the little things that make a house a home. We contacted Marvin and Clemie in November of 2021 and began work on our lot in February 2022 and handed me the keys September 2022. They helped guide us to an architect, took care of permits, coordinated extension of the power line and poles with RECO and arranged for the land to be cleared and ready for construction. Marvin and Clemie keep clear lines of communication. They kept us updated when I was not on Roatan through WhatsApp messages, pictures and videos. They also went out of their way to help us with sourcing things like appliances, making introductions to local businesses. They patiently explained what our options were and made us feel welcome in their country. The end result is fantastic, everything we could have asked for and more. They made our dream home become a wonderful reality. Check out the rest, but if you pick Roatan Zelaya Construction you will have picked the best!
Brian C. and Colleen A.

**Dream House**

If you are looking for the perfect builders to build your dream home on this amazing island. You have come to the right place. Clemie and Marvin are the best builders in all of Roatan From getting your building materials to finding the perfect finishing touches for your interior these two will definitely be there to help you every step of the way. You will never find a better quality workmanship anywhere. They built our cabinets by hand. They are some of the most beautiful cabinets I have ever seen. They also helped us pick the right colour granite to match perfectly. They also helped choose is the tile to finish off the house perfectly. Clemie and Marvin go out of their way to make sure that everything goes smoothly. If you have any questions, they are always there to answer you 24 hours a day. You can trust in these builders. They are fast, efficient and everything is done to perfection. You will be more than satisfied with these builders So if you’re looking for your dream home to be built, trust me you need these builders. We have had many people come to visit us and they have all said they have never seen any better quality work done anywhere. Trust in these people, and your dream will come true...
Deena & Dwight Levine

**First Bight Cabana**

It has been 5 months since you finished the wonderful remodel of my island dream home. And I am as thrilled today as that first day. The quality of your workmanship and attention to detail is outstanding! I appreciate that you designed the home as an island cabana with modern conveniences. I also appreciate that the full rebuild/remodel, including custom made cabinets and furniture was completed on time in 2 months and on budget. I applaud your project management and budgeting capabilities and always staying on schedule, even when I made changes. Thank you Marvin and Clemie for your professionalism and superior quality workmanship....
Shelli Jo H.

**Amazing construction project**

I wanted to say a Huge Thank You for an Amazing construction project you just finished for my family. We all had expectations and dreams of what we wanted the finished product to look/be like. Well you and your company Exceeded all of our expectations and made our dreams even better! The quality and finish of every part of the several sub projects you completed for me, is of the highest standard and quality. Even with the escalating costs of construction material, you finished on budget. I will certainly recommend your company to any friends or associates that are considering a project of their own.
David H.

Let us provide you with an unsurpassed quality service that comes from our experienced team who care about your home and know how to make it look its best.