Roatan Zelaya Construction

The best option to build your dream home on Roatan

Zelaya Construction is here to provide you with a worry free experience with your building process. We will provide the construction permit, client will have to provide detailed construction drawings. We are experienced in both Concrete and Lumber construction including the plumbing, water cisterns and septic systems, driveway grading, pools and maintenance.

Structural/Lumber Work

We are experienced in Lumber construction including the plumbing and maintenance. When it comes to build your dream home there are a lot of choices including whether to make....

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Structural/Concrete Work

We have experience in concrete construction, water cisterns and septic systems, pools...

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Driveway Grading

Our Grading Gravel Driveways services provide the right solution for all of your driveway grading and private access roads to property. Installation & maintenance services also offered.

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Our services present an easy way to build your homes furniture for your project. We build your furniture as part of the overall project step by step to provide a better finished project.

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Let us provide you with an unsurpassed quality service that comes from our experienced team who care about your home and know how to make it look its best.