Roatan Zelaya Construction

Zelaya Construction is own by Marvin Zelaya and his wife Clemie Welcome, Marvin has +13 years of construction experience prior to starting his own company, Marvin was trained by Ben Welcome.

Zelaya Construction is here to provide you with a worry free experience with your building process. We will provide the construction permit, client will have to provide detailed construction drawings. We are experienced in both Concrete and Lumber construction including the plumbing, water cisterns and septic systems, and driveway grading, pools, we also do maintenance.

We are also offering Property Maintenance / Management

Marvin Zelaya


Marvin has +13 years of construction experience prior to starting his own company.
Marvin has built several projects before starting his own business, Marvin work for Ben Welcome (Welcome Construction) 13 years in construction.

Permit processing
Plumbing systems
Carpentry and concrete expertise
Accurate measurements and estimates
Exceptional problem solver
Property Maintenance / Management

- Complete indoor and outdoor for construction projects
- Install and repair roofs, flashings, and surfaces.
- Remove old roofing materials in an efficient manner.
- Paving
- Mentor – providing guidance for team
- Repair, rebuild and install tile, brick and stone surfaces
- Furniture finished
- Pools
- Septic Sytems
- Water Cisterns
- Retaining Wall Systems

Let us provide you with an unsurpassed quality service that comes from our experienced team who care about your home and know how to make it look its best.